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Your destination for experiencing the best in beauty services! Here, we take pride in enhancing your unique beauty and boosting your confidence. Our team of passionate beauty experts strives to provide you with a first-class experience and exceptional services that will make you feel radiant.

Your destination for experiencing the best in beauty services! Here, we take pride in enhancing your unique beauty and boosting your confidence. Our team of passionate beauty experts strives to provide you with a first-class experience and exceptional services that will make you feel radiant.



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Our studio offers world class permanent makeup services. We use only the highest quality products and pigments and hold ourselves to the highest standards of hygiene and safety for our clients.



Diana Tri founded Micro Beauty Mark (MBM), an esteemed PMU studio in Orange County, California. With a background in Corporate Finance & Accounting, Diana embarked on a journey to find fulfillment and discovered her true passion in the beauty industry.

Driven by her relentless pursuit of excellence over (20+ years in this beauty industry), Diana obtained licenses as a nail technician, freelance make-up artist, and esthetician specializing in skin care therapy. She is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry through her continuing education and dedication to providing the highest quality services at MBM.


Real talk

Client Reviews

For quite some time now, I’ve been hesitant in deciding where to get my brows done. I decided to go with Micro Beauty Mark after seeing her amazing works. I just got my touched up done recently and my experiences so far have been both positive and informative. Diana is such a skillful artist! She is meticulous with her work and strives to achieve the brows that her client desire. She is attentive during each step of the process and never fails to educate her client. She also makes sure to follow up with her client during their healing phase. Since the start, I truly felt her genuine passion for helping others to feel more confident and empowered by transforming their brows and giving it life! I’d refer to her as the fairy godmother to my brows haha 😉 It is without a doubt that she is very knowledgeable in what she does and is constantly looking to learn from other mentors. Her work ethic is superb as well! Highly recommend everyone to check out her works of art on Instagram/Facebook @microbeautymark and give her a text/call/DM!!!

Cindy L.

Diana is a brow Goddess! She is an extremely skilled and talented brow artist with great precision and expertise. She is friendly, welcoming, and immediately makes you feel comfortable. I appreciate how gentle she was with my brows and how knowledgeable she is about the process. Diana really took her time to not only explain the process to ensure my needs were met, but also took her time to make sure my brows looked amazing. My brows were sad and she completely transformed them – I no longer need to use pencil or powder to shape and fill them in. My brows look incredible! You can trust Diana with your brows. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jules F.

I have the best experience ever, Diana was very detail getting my skin texture and explaining to me how the procedure was going to take places. My eyebrows are perfect and I strongly recommend her to anybody for the perfect eyebrows.

Mayra L.

I am not a make-up type of person because I prefer the natural look. Everyday my make-up routine includes only the use of brow pencil to fill in few hairs that are missing BUT getting my shape right is quite a challenge. I’ve been thinking about microblading for sometime now but it’s hard to find someone I could be comfortable with. My decision to entrust my virgin brows to Diana at Micro Beauty Mark is truly life changing! She is an amazingly talented artist with a heart! She took time to listen attentively to my brow concern, my morning make-up routine, my brow struggle and what type of brow shape I want to achieve. I was so impressed by the care and attention to detail Diana spent in creating the most flattering brow I wanted that would look best on me 24/7. The whole procedure is painless. Throughout the process, she was highly informative of every step and all the tools used were new, sanitized and individually wrapped. When it’s time to see my new brows, I was stunned! I was so happy I cried. The result looked so natural and complimented the shape of my face perfectly. She is so skilled! I call her my Brow Angel! If you’ve been considering having your brows done, look no further. Do yourself a favor. Get your brows done by Diana at Micro Beauty Mark Studio. You will not regret it. YES it is 100% worth your investment in time and money. Thanks Diana!

Gilda V.

I recently had my eyebrows microshaded/ombre powder with Micro Beauty Mark and I couldn’t be happier! Diana not only gave me her expert advice on the best shape for my face but also listened to my personal preference. The end result being a beautiful collaboration personalized for me! The attention to detail was excellent, always checking to make sure we were on the same page and changing things if needed to satisfy my desired results with her perfectionism. I used to over-pluck and it caused my brows to not grow in certain spots and I was tired of having the “McDonald’s golden arches” brows. After a friend’s high recommendation, I decided to go for it and the before-and-after speaks for itself. Thank you Micro Beauty Mark! You have literally changed my brow game and my life!

Donna W.

I would like to thank you so much for giving my wife a wonderful gift. She can not stop crying of happiness due to the fact that she loves her new eyebrows! Your work is amazing and I would recommend anyone to come see you and get their brows done. Thank you and God bless.

Hecto's gift to his wife Cecila

Diana did an amazing work with my brows. I had a bad experience when I got my eyebrows micro-bladed by another artist, so I was looking for an artist that would correct my brows. I found Diana and was impressed by her work. She is professional and detailed orientated. Before the procedure, she dedicated time to make sure I was happy with the eyebrow shape she drew over my brows. Overall I had a great experience. Would definitely recommend this business to anyone thinking of getting their brows done. Thank you Diana for saving my brows!

Rocio M.

Look no further! Diana is such a talented & passionate PMU artist who takes pride in her work. I love that she treat her clients as if we’re her family member or close friends. She’s transparent, genuine, funny, definitely a people person. Her studio is always kept clean/sanitized, informative, takes her time to answer any question (you don’t feel rushed) I was really nervous going in with my virgin eyebrows but she made me feel at ease & less nervous. I would highly recommend her. You won’t regret!! I mean just look at my eyebrows transformation she deserves more than 5 stars review!

Pim S.

I’m in love with my new brows thanks to Diana @microbeautymark, she made my brows look fabulous. I had my brows done 10 years ago by another artist, my brows were faded with an ugly salmon color stained. I was looking for someone that can correct my brows since it was time for me to get them redone, so searching for someone I found Diana. I reach out to her and send her pictures of my current brows so she can see how they look. She review my brows and she send me a skin assessment to see what type of skin I have. She recommended color correction to neutralized the salmon color to the brows and then create a new set on top, without the color correction the old color will seep through to the new brows or even change the new brows color. I love her recommendation so I booked the appointment. The day of the appointment, I was very happy with her service her studio is very nice, clean and sterilize. She takes time to review the procedure to make sure that I understood how it was going to be done. She answered all my questions. She took her time on working my brows, she is very detail and very professional. She show me all the products that she was going to use, the sterilized needles and the ink she used on my brows all on point. She show me her mapping on my brows to make sure I like it before she made the real marking on my brows. I really love the way she works, she shows you ever step and she makes sure you are comfortable of what she is doing. Her work is amazing she made an awesome transformation to my brows and I’m so thankful to Diana. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a professional permanent makeup artist, Diana @microbeautymark is definitely the person to go to!

Catalina R.

Omg, I love Diana’s work! She is an amazing PMU artist and her work is amazing. She is extremely professional and so knowledgeable. She takes her time and explains every process and the importance of after care. Not many PMU’s take on previous work, but I am so glad that Diana fix my brows, but most important didn’t turn me down. Diana truly made me feel comfortable and made sure all of my questions were answered. The process was painless and my brows turned out amazing. I am so grateful I found her and I highly recommend her.

Yuri O.

This was first time for me doing anything with my face but I really wanted to do my eyebrows because it was uneven and very light. I was kind of little well not little extremely scared of doing it. But anyhow I went.
Diana really handled me well. She really knows what she’s doing it. She have full knowledge about eyebrows. In simple words she has a good hand. I love her work.
She the one for your eyebrows girls!!!

NIkita P.

Diana Made my caterpillar eyebrows become beautiful butterflies! I never felt so complete to know I went from no eyebrows to a full eyebrow. The moment she reveled my eyebrows I legit burst into tears on how happy I was to know she was able to legit give me what I always envision. She is legit the best out here!!!

Lessly D.

Diana’s a true micro-blading and shading artist!! I’m so happy with my brows. I had an initial micro-blading in March 2020, I had a micro-blading and shading service at another location. For many reasons, I decided to seek out another artist for my touch up and color correction. After seeing Diana’s work on Instagram, I was truly impressed! Diana has a keen eye and offers an extremely personalized and careful service. Diana spent time going over the procedure and my brow goals in detail. The process was painless and my brows turned out exactly how I wanted them. If you’re in Orange County and are looking for a brow artist, look no further. Diana’s the best!

Blanch V.

For a long time, I had brows challenges. I struggle with shaping and shading my brows with makeup. I had my brows microbladed by another PMU artist (not Diana). Only to be left feeling traumatized by the experience. Never did I thought I would get eyebrows permanent makeup again. Wrong. After finding and following Diana’s works on Instagram for some time, I felt her work spoke to me. After reaching out to Diana gave me hope in my brows again. She walked me through the entire process, giving me more knowledge I never knew about brows. I can’t say it enough, how happy I am to wake up with a set of brows. I feel beautiful and more confidence. Thank you, Diana, at Micro Beauty Mark! You want to wake up with beautiful brows??? I highly recommend everyone to give her a call or DM her.

Locee S.

I gotta say I was really nervous getting my eyebrow microblading work done. But Diana really made me feel like I was in good hands. When I first reached out I informed her of the type of work I was interested in. She didn’t immediately say yes. Instead she requested that I take a test to see if microblading was a good fit for my skin type. This was already a good sign for me because it showed she didn’t just want my money. She truly wanted me to be happy with what I paid for. She explained the different skin types and why some work better for this than others. I THANKFULLY passed the test and we scheduled a consultation appointment. In the consultation she gave me a run down of her career journey, her experience, how her technique has changed over the months and why, things she’s learned from her own clients and her mentors, things to look out for, what a good job versus a bad job looks like and why, the types of inks she uses, the entire process and what to expect.

Patty R.

Diana is amazing at her work! She is very knowledgeable about her profession. She explains things thoroughly so that you understand the background and process of microblading/shading. Diana is a social butterfly so you will definitely feel comfortable during your procedure. She is honest about her work and takes her time to get you your dream brows. Plus she is VERY sanitized!

Kristina B.

Looking in the mirror and I see my eyebrows and I know I should embrace the naturalness of my appearance but I’ve always had issues with my eyebrows. Growing up and not feeling comfortable with my brows and when it comes to filling them in when doing my makeup, I feel lost on where to begin. I’ve drawn in my eyebrows in every way and always ended up wiping them off and doing it all over again. I would ask my sister to draw them in because she was so good at it. It made me feel confident and beautiful. When the day end and before bedtime I’m off to the bathroom wiping them away feeling discouraged and until next time. When I saw MBM and Diana went through all the explanations and the difference between micro blading and shading etc… on her social media, I dug a little deeper and the break down of it all. I was excited to reach out to her and voiced to her about my brows and how I felt insecure and not feeling confident. Diana broke it down like science and gave me hope. The process was so detailed from phone consultation to in person brow mapping. Diana explained every step during my procedure and even asked if I wanted a break. It was a beautiful art. She’s so passionate in what she does and being able to help me with my issue and educating me. I was able to build confident and I saw the joy in my brows and being able to smile with my brows. I’m so grateful to have this moment with Diana and I can’t wait to see her for my touch up. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact her! She’s here to help and share her knowledge. What a great experience and life changing. Thank you Diana for my amazing brows!

Lling S.

I want to thank Diana for what she did on my brows I’m in love. Now I wake up with some beautiful brows everyday. I had such a great experience for my first time. Over all really professional her work is amazing.

Melissa M.

I had a very pleasant experience when I got my eyebrows done!! Diana was very patient and informative. Would recommend!

Jennifer H.

I did the procedure for the first time and the result was fantastic, it’s really worth it. My recommendations are 100%, it change my face so much and I feel perfect.

Mar D.

Excellent Service. Diana, the artist is very professional, thorough, and detail. I am happy and very please with the outcome. The office is super clean. Thank you again!

Theresa D.

I never thought I’d do this again but Thank you @microbeautymark for making me feel most comfortable and confident with my decision. Anyone looking to microblading, microblending, or ombre powder, follow and contact @microbeautymark. you won’t regret it!

Angie D.



It takes approximately 7-14 days for the brows to heal over, and about 1 a month for the color to fully set in.


If it is performed properly, microblading should last anywhere between 18 and 24 months. Once pigment from the procedure begins to noticeably fade, you’ll need to come back for a “touch-up” application. Touch-ups can be necessary every six months or every year, depending on your skin type and preferred look.


Yes! We offer group discounts for 2 or more treatments performed on the same day! So by all means, tell your friends and family to come along!


We use a topical anesthetic so there is very little discomfort. In fact, many clients fall asleep during the treatment!


The cost of a touch up depends on the length of time since your previous treatment. The longer the time, the more pigment has likely faded, the more work needs to be done to touch up your brows. We will review all pricing with you in your consultation! 🙂


You will have very clear instructions for aftercare, which is essential in the healing process in order to achieve the best results. There are certain limitations regarding sun exposure, sweating, going in a pool, etc. for a brief time after the treatment.